1. No smoking inside. Lots of space outside. Vaping inside is not a problem. Let’s keep the cabin a clean environment for you and future guests.

2. No additional guests. Only registered guests and their registered pets are allowed on the property. 

3. The kitchen is stocked with snacks and Beverages one time prior to a two day stay and and every other day following check in. Choices may vary. 

4. Breakfast fritadas are assembled and brought the evening prior and are to be cooked by the guest the following morning at their convenience. Breakfast is provided for each morning of stay. 

5. If the guest does not have 4 Wheel Drive or AWD vehicle, then parking is down below on the property and will be shuttled up with their belongings upon arrival.  

6. We do not sell cannabis. Please do not even ask. 
7. No loud music after 10pm.Even though we are out in the woods, noise travels. 

8. No one is to enter the garden without someone from Farmhouse Enlightenment staff present. 

9.  Before departure please wash all dishes and place all towels in the shower.

10. Please leave property in the same condition as when you arrived. I want to return your security deposit. 


11. Please do not remove the robes, towels or smoking utensils. The cost will be deducted from the security deposit. 


12. Please be aware that in the evening the gates around the garden will be locked and the fence electrified around the top area. 


13. Please enjoy responsibility and let us answer any questions and give recommendations if you are in need.