Harvest Season.jpg

Sept 15-Oct 31

This is the time of year that these beauties are in all of their glory, towering high and giving off their wonderful aroma.This is also the busiest season on the farm. There is nothing more spectacular than a thriving cannabis garden when it is fully flowered. During this time we will set up a 2 hour segment for you to help harvest and work in the processing facility. Here we will teach you the proper technique to clean the flower of leaves, or trim, look for any problems, and how to properly dry and cure the cannabis. 

$620 per night, 2 night minimum



Summer Season.jpg

June 15- Sept 14

This is the time of year where the plants are soaking up the suns golden rays and growing tall. The weather is toasty but you can kick back in the pool and watch the plants grow. We are extra careful in the summer to make sure our girls stay well hydrated. Hands on time in the garden during this time consists of cleaning out underbrush, top dressing or making and feeding compost tea. If that sounds interesting to you then let's do it together! Also the fruit orchard behind the cabin is producing all sorts of natures candy at this time.

$520 per night, 2 night minimum



Spring Season.JPG

April 15-June 15

Wow! Exciting time as the almost big girls make their way into their final pots for the season. Although still in need suplamental light until the solstice. Its pretty neat to sit on the deck in the evening with the garden a glow. Maybe you'd like to get down and dirty and help these girls find their homes with us! 

$420 per night, 2 night minimum



Winter Season.JPG

Nov 1-April 15

The gardens and fruit trees are dormant during this time but we still work to prepare the land for the upcoming season. Around Feb 1 we get the seeds started. Most of wich have come from our own breeding program. We get them started indoors under lights and are ready to go outside under a hoop house with lights in April. In February/March the fruit trees are  pruned and organic pesticides are applied. Farm chores of digging and amending pots, seedling care and cloning are things we teach at this time. 

$320 per night, 2 night minimum


Additional Services

Cannabis Infused Massages
Hair Services
Personal Shopping
Private Chef Services
All services for an additional fee.

Please contact us for more information.