How and Why You Defoliage Your Cannabis Plants

This is my tutorial on how to prune your outdoor cannabis plant. Once your plants get bushy and you notice that sunlight is not hitting all the branches it’s time to get your clean, sharp scissors out.

Make sure your plant is hydrated and not stressed from anything else before you begin.

Begin by taking off the lowest branches than seem kinda wimpy.

Typically 1-2’ from the soil. (But not always! Sometimes there will be a think strong branch down low that extends out to the sunlight that can be a good producer.) You will learn to know the difference.

Take off those lower branches and then work your way up into the interior a bit to remove any branches that grow up along the stalk. These lower branches and stuff in the middle just sucks up energy and nutrients that really should be going the the branches that produce large buds. The lower and interior branches never will be anything great so best just to get rid of it. Feed it to your chickens!🐣

Never let any foliage hit the soil. This is a way disease and insects find your plant. So always remove anything touching down!

Once all of this material is removed and you can clearly see your stalk, you have given your plant the ability to breath, and see the sun. Airflow is very important. Especially towards the end of the season. The weather gets cooler, moisture hangs around a bit longer and having proper air flow prevents mold issues.

Now your plant is not only going to produce more quality product but more of it also!

Make sure that you don’t prune your plants too far into the flowering cycle. Two weeks I to glowing is far enough. Although your plants like to be a little stressed to add flavor you don’t want to kill them.

And with all of this quality time you are now cosmically connected to that plant. But you will definitely know your plant better and now that you can see inside you will be more aware if anything were to become diseased or infested. But with all of this work you have significantly cut down on a lot of issues that plague cannabis gardens.